Son of

The Last Prophet

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About the Book

Thomas Hunt was once a homeless person trying to survive from one day to the next. When overwhelming pain causes him to surrender to God, he is shocked to learn that he will be God’s Last Prophet. A sense of urgency is ignited in his soul, and with the help of a set of brother and sister twins and an old flame, Thomas begins to change lives and show the world the true power of God’s Holy Spirit.

About the Book

It was 1955 and a New World Order had begun, but strictly by accident. Dr. Johnson began his work to build a greater more intelligent human being. Over the decades, they have been able to build their Advanced Human Development group into an untouchable organization. While they have stopped Global terrorist in the past, AHD must leverage and assist a North Texas company to combat this latest threat. The outcome will determine the World’s balance of power along with uncovering the people behind the New World Order. 

About the Author

E. O. Shiflett

Shiflett has been an author who has written extensively between the realms of faith and technology. He was a career executive in fiber optic technologies, holding several patents and initiating multiple successful business development ventures. On the other hand, he has also been active in Christian renewal, serving in various positions of church leadership and starting several church plants.

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